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10-Mile Race at Derby Reach

September 1st - 30th | Socially Distanced 10 Mile Race via STRAVA at Derby Reach

  • Phil Ellis, the owner of Peninsula Runners in Walnut Grove is providing some great prizes for race winners

  • Complete the race anytime between September 1st and September 30th, 2020.

  • Make your free STRAVA account, follow and be followed by Langley4Langley, and log your race to be entered

  1. Register anytime before Sept 30th for the Langley4Langley community challenge HERE

  2. Make a minimum $25 donation HERE to complete your challenge registration

  3. For competitive race challenges: create a free STRAVA account, follow and be followed by Langley4Langley, and use this running app to take part in our tracked race challenges 


Challenge participants are encouraged to share the donation page with family, friends, and colleagues in order to help us reach our fundraising goal of $25,000 for the Langley Food Bank. The event donation page will be open for donations throughout the Langley4Langley community challenge, closing on September 30th. Donations made in any L4L Challenge Participant’s name (in the donation comment) will be added to their total. Thank you for supporting out local food bank!

The Race Route:

Find the race route HERE and in your Strava account. Be sure to log your race into Strava to be entered, please email if you have any questions.

  • start at 208th and follow the Fort to Fort trail to the campsite and straight through, out to Houston Trail doing 2/3 of the lap before exiting down the access road, then to the outhouse on Fort to Fort Trail.  Then turn around and follow the Fort to Fort trail all the way back to the campground.  Then once you are at the cows just follow Allard all the way back to 208th and the finish line.

Coming Together in Langley, BC

Financial Donations

Langley Food Bank

Food Donations

Drop off non-perishable food donations at Peninsula Runners - 20349 88 Ave

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August 15th to September 30th

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